If you’re on the hunt for the best vegan bakeries in London, you’re in for a treat (quite literally). From tasty vegan chocolate croissants to irresistible vegan cinnamon buns, London has something sweet for everyone. There are many vegan desserts in London and in this guide we’ll share all the best vegan bakeries to find them!

London is one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world and there are so many vegan sweet treats in London and 100% vegan bakeries in London too! Honestly, it’s hard not to find a vegan pastry, cake or muffin in cafes these days.

Whilst living in London for over a year, we’ve discovered the best vegan cakes in London and indulged in many options all around the city. We’ve found plant-based treats in local cafes, popular markets, well-known bakeries and London’s vegan bakeries.

London is a very big city, which means there’s a lot of choice. It can get pretty overwhelming trying to find the best London vegan bakery or even which places to visit in a short amount. of time. We’ve added a list of our top recommendations to the bottom of this list!

In this guide, we’ll share with you 14 vegan bakeries plus 16 of our favourite vegan friendly bakeries in London. We know that some of you will want to support local vegan bakeries, so we’ll share as much information as possible.

Our guide to the Best Vegan Bakeries in London & Desserts (2023)
Our guide to the Best Vegan Bakeries in London & Desserts (2024)

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30+ Best Vegan Bakeries in London & Desserts (2024)

Here’s our ultimate vegan guide on where to find the best cakes, pastries, cookies & more in the busy capital of London. This list is in no particular order! Here’s a few quick tips if you’re not a local in London:

We try our best to keep these vegan guides updated, however sometimes places change opening times, move locations or sadly close. Double-check Google Maps before visiting and please let us know if something has changed. Thank you!

1. Kegarmo

In the heart of Maltby Street Market, you’ll find Kegarmo – a delicious fully vegan bakery in London! We only discovered Kegarmo recently, but it’s honestly become our favourite place to find unique and flavorful vegan cakes.

The stall is run by the friendliest people, who told us some of their bestsellers! They are such a lovely vegan bakery to support in London.

We highly recommend the Lemon & pistachio loaf and the chocolate caramel shortbread!

📍Maltby Street Market (Open Saturday & Sunday)

One of the best vegan bakeries in London - Kegarmo! A photo of delicious looking vegan cakes
One of the best vegan bakeries in London – Kegarmo!

2. Blank Coffee

A little out of the city centre, in between Brixton and Clapham is Blank Coffee. You may have heard of the popular US Blank Street, but Blank Coffee has been serving drinks long before the opening of any Blank Street in London and we believe in supporting the all-vegan Blank Coffee!

It’s one of the best spots in the Brixton area to grab a seat and enjoy a cinnamon bun and a drink! They also serve breakfast and lunch which makes them a vegan cafe! Head over to their website or Instagram for more!

We recommend the Pumpkin & pecan bread and any of their drinks!

📍Brixton / Clapham (Closes around 3 pm)

There’s quite a few things to do in Brixton if you want to spend an afternoon in this part of London!

3. Floozie Cookies

If you’re on the hunt for vegan cookies in London, Floozie Cookies has your back! Floozie creates the most delicious flavours of vegan stuffed cookies along with dreamy hot chocolates and creamy drinks. Their Instagram will make you hungry every day!

We recommend the Triple chocolate cookie & the peanut butter and jam!

📍Convent Garden (lower floor)

Vegan Cookes in London - Floozie Cookies
Vegan Cookes in London – Floozie Cookies
A row of colourful vegan cupcakes at Vida Bakery in London
Colourful vegan cupcakes at Vida Bakery in London

4. Vida Bakery

Vida Bakery is one of the best gluten-free & vegan bakeries in London for big slices of cake! They’re in a great location in Shoreditch down the popular Bricklane. Vida Bakery also makes cookies, cupcakes and brownies, but they definitely specialise in beautiful cakes. They’re available to order online for any event, or you can visit the bakery for a drink and a slice!

We recommend the Rainbow cake and the chocolate cookies!

📍Bricklane, Shoreditch (Closed Mondays)

Whilst you’re in Shoreditch, take a Jack the Ripper Guided Walking Tour!

5. The After School Cookie Club

You can find some of the best vegan cookies in London at The After School Cookie Club. They have an amazing selection of flavours to choose from and 3 locations in London, with the most recent addition being next to Borough Market! Alongside cookies, they also serve shakes, cookie sandwiches and the best cookie dough desserts.

We recommend the Maple Roast Pecan cookie & the Banoffee Cookie Dough Pot!

📍Shoreditch, Borough Market & Croydon

6. The Polka Dot Bakery

Another vegan & gluten-free bakery in London is The Polka Dot Bakery, specializing in the most delicious brownies! You’ll find the Polka Dot Bakery at Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch in a lovely stall amongst other amazing food.

Alongside brownies, they create brookies and cookie sandwiches! We asked Celia (the owner) which brownie is the best seller and her answer was ‘they’re all good and they usually sell out‘!

We recommend the Salted caramel brownie!

📍Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch

A photo of Dan standing at The Polka Dot Bakeries stall in Spitalfields Market. The stall is selling vegan brownies in London
The Polka Dot Bakery – the best vegan brownies in London!

7. Benjis Buns

One of the best vegan bakeries in London for cinnamon buns is Benji’s Buns! In 2023 they opened up a second store in Notting Hill, making it unbelievably easy to get incredible vegan buns! You can also order them online.

We recommend the Vanilla Frosted Bun & Chocolate Bun!

📍Notting Hill & Ealing Broadway

8. WAVE – We Are Vegan Everything

Another amazing vegan cafe and bakery in London is WAVE! They offer tasty pastries alongside a perfect brunch menu, including vegan pancakes. The cafe feels quite luxurious but the prices aren’t too bad and they also have two locations in the city!

We recommend the Almond pastry and Pain Au Chocolat!

📍Hackney & Stoke Newington

A pain au chocolate and an almond pastry on a table at WAVE, a fully vegan London bakery!
A pain au chocolate and an almond pastry at WAVE, a fully vegan London bakery!

9. Knead a Little Love

Close to Shoreditch, Knead a Little Love is the vegan bakery in London we all need in our neighbourhood. From vegan croissants to almond pistachio cookies and a huge variety of doughnuts – this bakery is not one to miss!

We recommend the Blackcurrant jam doughnuts and vegan brownies!

📍Shoreditch / Bethnal Green (Closes at 4 pm)

10. Dauns

Although this isn’t technically a vegan bakery in London. Dauns is definitely worth a mention for their Scandinavian vegan cinnamon buns (kanelbulle) and Danish pastries! They are a fully vegan cafe serving a variety of meals with delicious pastries and desserts.

We recommend the Cinnamon bun (kanelbulle)!


the exterior of Dauns Cafe, green with seats outside
Dauns Cafe

11. Cookies And Scream

We’re so happy to add another vegan and gluten-free bakery in London to this list! Cookies and Scream serves incredible treats from cookies, cookie pies, brownies, and shakes and they’re very creative with all of it! The bakery is located just above Highbury & Islington!

We recommend trying the chocolate brownies, cookie sandwiches and any of the shakes! It’s hard to choose.

📍near Highbury & Islington Closed Monday & Tuesdays)

12. Ruby’s of London

Another one of London’s vegan bakeries is Ruby’s! If you’re looking for the best vegan cakes in London, head to Greenwich! Ruby’s of London serves high-quality cakes, cupcakes, brownies and doughnuts. They also cater for weddings and events, find out more on their website!

We recommend the Brownie Bite cupcakes and any of the doughnuts!

📍Greenwich (Closed Mondays)

Another vegan bakery in London - Ruby's! Amy walking into Ruby's of London
Another vegan bakery in London – Ruby’s!

Tip – Take the Thames Cruise to Greenwich if you’re exploring London!

13. Borough 22

If you’re looking for gluten-free vegan doughnuts in London, Borough 22 is a great choice. Sadly, they don’t have a vegan bakery just yet, but you can find their doughnuts in Selfridges or order them online via their website! Check out their Instagram for any updates on more stockists!

We recommend the Pumpkin Spice & Hazelnut Choc Doughnuts!

📍Selfridges Food Hall

14. Nuttea

Although Nuttea isn’t a bakery, it’s one of the best places to find vegan sweet treats in London! Nuttea is a vegan bubble tea store using only plant milk for their drinks. They also serve incredible bubble waffle sticks which are the perfect snack to have with a sweet drink.

We recommend the Boba Nut Mylk Tea and the Matcha with Nut Cream!


picture of a Vegan Matcha at Nuttea (Bubbble tea store in London)
Vegan Matcha at Nuttea
Vegan Bubble waffle in London
Vegan Bubble waffle in London

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Vegan Friendly Bakeries in London

Now we’re moving onto bakeries in London with amazing vegan options that aren’t fully plant-based. From vegetarian bakeries to mainstream cafes and stalls in markets – this list is for those who want to find vegan desserts in London!

Some options may only have one or two bakery products, but it’s made this list for a reason!

15. Arapina Bakery

This vegetarian bakery in London is famous for its Crolls (Croissant Rolls) and they often do seasonal items. They specialise in cakes with many vegan options, including cookies, pastries and savoury samosas! The bakery is also a cafe serving a breakfast and lunch menu!

We recommend the Pistachio Crol and Peach Danish!

📍Deptford & East Dulwich

Vegan pastries at Arapina Bakery
Vegan pastries at Arapina Bakery

Looking for more vegan-friendly cities in the UK? Bristol is another one of our favourite places! You can spend the day in Bristol from London!

16. Lola’s Cupcakes

One of the best places to find vegan cupcakes in London is Lola’s Cupcakes. You can find their stores all over the city, including inside tube stations. Lola’s Cupcake also makes cakes and brownies, but their cupcakes are definitely the star of the show!

We recommend the Vegan Red Velvet and Vegan Caramel Biscuit!

📍Multiple Locations

17. Doughnut Time

With plenty of locations around London, it’s hard to miss Doughnut Time when you’re looking for vegan sweet treats in London. More than half of their doughnuts are vegan and they’re very artistic with creative names. The doughnuts are around £4.50 but are huge!

We recommend the David Hasselhoff (Biscoff Doughnut)!

📍Multiple Locations

Vegan doughnuts in London at Doughnut Time
Vegan doughnuts in London at Doughnut Time
Vegan Bubblewrap in London
Vegan Bubblewrap in London

18. Bubblewrap Dessert Shop

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Bubblewrap is one of the best places to find vegan bubble waffles in London. There will most likely be a queue if you visit on a weekend, but it’s worth it! They have a few vegan options now and you can customise the toppings with fruit, sauces and vegan gelato.

We recommend the Vegan Bubblewrap with pistachio ice cream!

📍Soho, Spitalfields & Fitzrovia

19. British Patagonia

This creative bakery needs to be on your list of vegan sweet treats in London. Although not fully vegan, they have a wide range of vegan pastries, cookies, cakes and more! The star of the show is their summer special Ice Crones (vegan ice cream in a croissant cone) – honestly, they are worth it!

The cafe is a really lovely place to relax and the vegan pastries are some of the best in London!

We recommend the Ice Crones & Chocolate Cookie!

📍Highbury & Islington (Closed Tuesdays)

Vegan Ice Crone at British Patagonia
Vegan Ice Crone at British Patagonia
Chocolate vegan cookies in London - British Patagonia
Vegan cookies in London – British Patagonia

20. Cutter & Squidge

A beautifully high-quality bakery with seating in Soho or you can order online. Cutter & Squidge offer a variety of vegan cakes in London, vegan brownies, cookies and more! It’s a great option if you want to order a lot of cupcakes for an event and they also do afternoon tea for delivery.

We recommend the Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake!


21. Veggie Pret

Pret is a well-known coffee chain in London and around the UK, but a few years ago the first Veggie Pret opened. There’s now two locations and they are purely vegetarian! The bakery is mostly vegan, so it’s the perfect option for vegan pastries in London.

We highly recommend the Vegan Chocolate Croissant!

📍Soho & Shoreditch

Chocolate Croissant at Veggie Pret
Chocolate Croissant at Veggie Pret
Vegan cookie at Ben's Cookies
Vegan cookie at Ben’s Cookies

22. Ben’s Cookies

Ben’s Cookies started as a stall in Oxford Market back in 1983 and now it’s a popular cookie chain! They have two vegan cookies, a double chocolate and a milk chocolate – they are both incredible! Sometimes stores will only sell one, but you can find these vegan cookies in London!

We recommend Vegan Milk Chocolate Chunk!

📍Multiple Locations

23. Ole & Steen

If you wander around London, you’ll definitely pass an Ole & Steen – they’re everywhere! They are not one of London’s vegan bakeries, but they do sell one of the tastiest vegan pastries in the city! A delicious vegan vanilla custard slice twisted with cinnamon and chocolate has taken our hearts and now we’re recommending it to you!

We recommend the Vegan Cinnamon Social!

📍Multiple Locations

Vegan Social at Ole & Steen
Vegan Social at Ole & Steen
Red Velvet Cupcake at Hummingbird Bakery
Red Velvet Cupcake at Hummingbird Bakery

24. Hummingbird Bakery

Another vegan friendly bakery in London is Hummingbird Bakery! Specialising in American-style baking, Hummingbird creates amazing cakes, cupcakes cheesecakes and pies. They offer a selection of vegan cupcakes and vegan cakes from chocolate to red velvet!

We recommend the Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake!

📍Multiple Locations

25. Crosstown

Crosstown has to be on this ‘vegan bakeries in London’ list for their luxury vegan doughnuts all over the city! Around half of their doughnuts are vegan friendly and they taste amazing. They also cover events, and weddings and will order right to your home in the UK.

We recommend Dark Chocolate Truffle & Homemade Raspberry Jam!

📍Multiple Locations

Vegan doughnuts in London - Crosstown
Vegan doughnuts in London – Crosstown

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26. Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts offers some of the best vegan doughnuts in London right in the heart of Portobello Road Market. The doughnut style is a little more relaxed and the best flavours they do are chocolate, jam and classic cinnamon. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for vegan sweet treats in London!

We recommend the Chocolate Filled Doughnut and the Cinnamon Doughnut!

📍Portobello Road Market (Closed Wednesdays)

27. The Cinnamon Tree Bakery

This little market stall makes the most delicious brownies in London and highly recommend visiting in your search for vegan desserts in London! They sell a dark chocolate cookie and a salted caramel brownie alongside other non-vegan products.

We recommend the Vegan Tahini Salted Caramel Brownies!

📍Borough Market

Vegan desserts in London - Brownies at The Cinnamon Tree Bakery
Vegan desserts in London – Brownies at The Cinnamon Tree Bakery

28. Café de Nata

If you’re looking for vegan London bakeries, Café de Nata will have some options for you! It’s not all vegan, but they create delicious Portuguese Pastel De Nata’s with a variety of vegan options! It’s pretty hard to find vegan egg custard tarts, so we were happy to stumble across Café de Nata.

We recommend the Vegan Pastel De Nata!

📍Multiple Locations

29. Humble Crumble

Another popular place to find vegan desserts in London is Humble Crumble. This very popular spot is known for its customisable crumble pots and they have a vegan option! Simply choose how much crumble-to-fruit ratio you’d like, then top it with vegan custard, and you’ve got an amazing vegan treat!

We recommend the Vegan Crumble!

📍Borough Market & Spitalfields

Humble Crumble in Spitalfields
Humble Crumble in Spitalfields

30. Kin Cafe

Although Kin Cafe isn’t labelled as a bakery, they do have some delicious vegan bakery treats! So we’re adding them to our list for their baklava, pecan maple loaf, blondies and cookies! Alongside the banana bread and cakes, they have a great menu with waffles, pancakes, curry and tacos!

We recommend the Vegan Croissants!

📍Marylebone / Soho (Closes at 4:30 pm)

Other Vegan Sweet Treats in London

We’ve tried to cover almost all of the vegan bakeries in London, but there are still some ‘popular’ chains that are worth mentioning. In most mainstream coffee shops these days, you’ll usually find at least one vegan option and there’ll almost always be a plant-based milk. Here’s a few:

  • Cafe Nero – vegan hot chocolates & pastry!
  • Starbucks
  • Krispy Kreme – vegan doughnuts!
  • Blackbird Bakery – vegan banana bread!
  • Costa Coffee
  • Pret – vegan raspberry pastry!

Vegan Cafes, Restaurants & More Sweet Treats

There’s a few places we didn’t mention as they’re not vegan bakeries in London or bakeries at all, but here’s a special mention of other places in London where you can find vegan sweet snacks!

  • Pipoca Vegan – vegan crepes at a vegan cafe near Brixton
  • Cafe Van Gogh – vegan pastries at their restaurant near Brixton
  • Oakberry Acai – vegan acai bowls in London!
  • DAPPA – vegan ice cream truck in Spitalfields!
  • Chin Chin Dessert Club – amazing vegan cookie dough with ice cream!
  • Buns from home – a vegan cinnamon bun option!
  • Mildreds – vegan pancakes in London for brunch!

Vegan Sweet Treats in Supermarkets

All of the main supermarkets in the UK have a vegan range with affordable vegan bakery items and sweet treats. Here’s a few of our favourite snacks to get:

  • Holland & Barrett – best place for vegan chocolate
  • Planet Organic – vegan pastries inside a vegan supermarket!
  • Sainsbury’s – the best vegan jam doughnuts
  • Tesco – the best vegan dark chocolate digestive
  • Marks & Spencers – vegan cookies!

Where to stay in London

Wombat’s City Hostel London £ – One of the best hostels in London and in a great location near the Tower of London, only a walk away from Shoreditch. There’s a variety of rooms to choose from for any traveller – Find them on HostelWorld here!

NOX Golders Green ££- Located in North London, this cosy studio is the perfect spot if you want to feel at home – Find them on Booking.com!

The Crown & Greyhound by Innkeeper’s Collection ££-£££ – A lovely hotel in South London, close to Brixton and a great place to stay if you want the comfort of a room but not the crazy London prices – Find them on Booking.com here!

Favourite Vegan Bakeries in London

Here’s a little list of our personal favourite vegan sweet snacks in London. As there’s so much to try, we definitely haven’t tasted every bakery item in the city, so we may find a new favourite at any moment! We’ll keep this list updated – for now, here’s our current favourites:

  • Kegarmo – This vegan bakery is Amy’s favourite right now, I want to try everything!
  • Nuttea – Although it’s not a bakery, it’s one of my favourite vegan places for sweet treats!
  • Veggie Pret – The chocolate croissant is incredible and the best in London!
  • Ben’s Cookies – Affordable vegan cookies in London. They will always be a favourite.
  • The Polka Dot Bakery – Delicious vegan brownies in London, especially the Salted Caramel.

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That’s the end of our 30+ Best Vegan Bakeries in London & Desserts (2024)! Have fun finding the best vegan snacks and if you need any more help planning – send us a message on Instagram (@thesunrisedreamers) or leave a comment below!


vegan bakeries in london guide with four images showing examples of the food you can find in london, like vegan pastries, vegan cakes, vegan cookies and vegan bubble tea
vegan bakeries in london guide with four images showing examples of the food you can find in london, like vegan bubble waffle, vegan pastries, vegan ice cream and vegan pancakes

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