Canada is the second largest country in the world with ten provinces and three territories. The most famous places to visit in the country are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and the gorgeous Canadian Rockies with Banff and Jasper.

After living in Canada for 2 years on a working holiday visa, we have fallen in love with the country. We spent a year in Montreal and a year in Vancouver whilst driving our van across the country in three months.

From exploring the old city in Quebec to hiking in Banff National Park, Canada doesn’t run out of incredible experiences. Here’s our Canada Travel guides:

When to Visit

April – June
September – November


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Planning a trip to Canada

Is Canada vegan-friendly? Canada is great for vegans! We transitioned from vegetarian to vegan whilst living in Vancouver and it was the perfect place to do it! The larger cities have more options but you can find vegan options in smaller towns too. The grocery stores have lots of vegan alternatives. Vancouver is filled with vegan-friendly bakeries!

Is Canada budget-friendly? Canada isn’t the cheapest country to explore but it can be done on a budget. Accommodation and transport will be your biggest costs and along with eating at restaurants. We have a guide to exploring Toronto on a budget.

Where have we lived in Canada? Montreal and Vancouver!