A trip to Japan is on many traveller’s bucket list. The world has fallen in love with Japanese culture from games to films and food to music.

Plan your trip to visit Japan during cherry blossom season or the fall when the leaves turn orange and you’ll be in for a treat! Spend your days discovering Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and the wonderful Japanese Alps.

We spent 2 weeks exploring Japan and visited some of the best cities in the country. We already know we want to go back to ski in Hokkaido, see the Sakura season and try more incredible Japanese sushi!

When to Visit

March – May
September – November


Japanese Yen ¥ (JPY)



Planning a trip to Japan

Is Japan vegan-friendly? Cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are full of vegan cafes, restaurants and options. Reading the ingredients on grocery store items can be quite hard, we heavily relied on Google Translate to figure out if they were safe to eat.

Is Japan budget-friendly? Not really, but we did manage to travel the country on a budget! We have a full guide on travelling to Japan on a budget and we are so excited to go back and explore more!

When spending 2 weeks in South Korea, we found that the prices were slightly lower than in Japan. We also have a budget guide for travelling in South Korea.