About Us

Hello! We’re Amy & Dan, a British couple who love exploring the world and creating travel guides along the way. We created The Sunrise Dreamers to share our passion for travelling and help others plan their adventures. We’re so excited to have you here on our site!

The Sunrise Dreamers is a travel blog filled with many travel guides, itineraries, vegan travel tips and budget guides.

All guides are based on our own travel experiences and have incredible recommendations for places to go, where to stay and the best activities in each location.

About Amy & Dan

We started this blog back in 2021 after finishing a 3-month road trip across Canada. We rented an apartment in Vancouver and started applying for jobs but couldn’t stop thinking about travel.

This is where The Sunrise Dreamers was born and has since grown into many shared experiences around the world.

We both grew up in England and have been together since 2013! Since then we’ve graduated from college and university, lived in multiple cities, worked a lot but also travelled a lot!

Our adventures have taken us on trips within Europe, Asia and North America – with many destinations on our list!

About Amy

Amy is the main writer of The Sunrise Dreamers and is the chief of planning the next adventure. She focuses on maintaining the site and managing most of the travel guides. Here’s a few facts about me…

  • I’ve been creative all my life, which led me to study visual effects and I often work in the industry as a compositor, whilst making plenty of gaps for travelling!
  • I’m a Nintendo fan with my latest game being Tears of the Kingdom! ❤️ 
  • Been vegetarian since 2017 with a transition to vegan in 2020 – and I love food SO much.
  • The countries I want to visit most are India and China!

About Dan

Dan is the photographer of The Sunrise Dreamers and brings Amy’s plans to life, whilst also writing some of the guides. He’s the driver of vehicles and the motivator when hiking up mountains. Facts about me:

  • I truly love being out in the great outdoors! Whether it’s a forest, a lake or the ocean, you bet I’ll be hiking or paddling around.
  • Like Amy, food is a key player in my life and I’m always on the hunt for a vegan doughnut or street food snack!
  • Aside from eating, I enjoy cycling and used to speed 6 miles through London traffic to get to work.

How did we get the travel bug?

We’ve always loved adventures but the travel bug really hit after a 5-day trip to Budapest and Berlin in our last year of university.

Once home again, we were amazed at how affordable Budapest was and the dreams of backpacking began!

Within a few weeks, we bought an Interrail ticket for the summer after graduation and purchased our first backpacks (which Amy still uses 7 years later)!

Speed forward to 2024, our passion for travel is still huge and we’ve been on some incredible trips. There’s still so much to learn and that’s the best reason to travel.

We are learning new things every day, especially when living in different countries. We always love going on the next big adventure, although you will always find us enjoying the area we live in!

Where in the world have we been?

We are from the UK and explore our home country whenever we can. We have also lived in Canada for two years together. Here are the countries we’ve managed to visit together:

United Kingdom, Cyprus, Türkiye, France, Hungary, Germany, USA, Poland, Czechia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia & Portugal.

Singapore, ThailandCambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Netherlands, CanadaIcelandSri LankaThe PhilippinesSouth Korea.

BulgariaRomaniaGreeceMontenegroBosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, and Morocco (coming soon) and we’ve also booked a big trip for October 2024!

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More about The Sunrise Dreamers

The Sunrise Dreamers create original guides from places we have visited, we write all guides ourselves along with a few collaborations from other human writers (all non-sponsored).

Nestled in every corner of our guides, you’ll notice our focus on vegan travel. As we are vegan travellers, we understand the challenges that can come with finding vegan-friendly options while travelling to different countries around the world.

Our goal is to share tips and recommendations for vegan travellers, from restaurants or local dishes to try and ethical activities. These tips are great for non-vegans too!

As well as our travel guides and vegan tips, The Sunrise Dreamers also create budget guides to help travellers make the most of their money.

By sharing our travel costs and money-saving tips, from affordable accommodations, transportation and activities – we hope to make travel feel more achievable for those on a budget.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a newbie planning for your first trip, we hope that The Sunrise Dreamers is a great resource to help you create your favourite trip!