This 4 Day London itinerary includes the famous things to do in London, hidden gems and a variety of recommendations on where to stay and where to eat. This guide is based on our personal experience and we’re excited to help you plan your 4 days in London.

As we were born in the UK, we grew up visiting London at least once a year before deciding to rent a flat and call it home for a while! There’s just something that makes you fall in love with London, even though it’s busy and expensive.

If it’s your first time visiting London, you have lots to discover! From iconic red buses to hipster neighbourhoods, red phone booths, and impressive museums. There’s an endless amount of sights to see during your London 4 day itinerary and a variety of food!

London is absolutely huge, so with 4 days in London you won’t have time to visit all the best places to see. But we’ve done our best to create the most varied itinerary so that you can get the best out of your trip and feel like.

So, after learning a lot of tips and tricks whilst living here, we’re so excited to show you how to plan your 4 day London itinerary!

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Neals Yard, London
4 Days in London: The Best London Itinerary (Neals Yard)

Planning 4 Days in London

Most Popular Tours & Activities in London:

Day 1 – Westminster, London Eye & Covent Garden

We’ve added all the tips you need to know on how to get to London at the end of this itinerary. There’s also more recommendations on where to stay and where to eat in the city.

We have created other London guides for you to check out alongside our London itinerary!

Admire Buckingham Palace

One of the best places to start your London 4 day itinerary is Buckingham Palace. It’s iconic, British and the most popular sight in London to see! It can get quite busy throughout the day, but there’s a big open space, so it won’t feel too crowded.

It’s nice to chill on the steps of the Victoria Memorial and you can go on tours inside the palace if you book in advance.

Time your visit so you can witness the Changing of the King’s Guard ceremony (from 10.45am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)

Buckingham Palace, London
Buckingham Palace, London

Walk through St. James’s Park

After you visit Buckingham Palace, walk through St James’s Park to get to Westminster Abbey. This park is perfect in the Spring months with daffodils blossoming everywhere! You’ll find squirrels, ducks and all types of birds. We’ve walked through this park dozens of times over the years!

If you’re feeling hungry, there’s places like Pret to grab a sandwich or soup on the go! There aren’t the best restaurants around Westminster, but don’t worry we’ll show you amazing restaurants elsewhere in London later on!

See Westminster Abbey

The Westminster area can’t be missed on a London 4 day trip! If you’re on a budget you can still admire the exterior of these incredible buildings in London.

Westminster Abbey is an Anglican church – buy your tickets in advance on GetYourGuide (around £29 per person). It’s known as the most famous church in the UK and holds coronations, royal weddings and burials.

Many royal monarchs are buried in the abbey alongside notable people such as Stephen Hawking and Sir Isaac Newton. The architecture inside is beautiful with high arches and stained glass windows!

Whilst you’re in the area, take a visit to Downing St if you’re slightly interested in politics and you can also check out the Churchill War Rooms. It’s easy to get lost in the history of Westminster!

Spot the famous Big Ben

A short walk away from Westminster Abbey is the most famous landmark in London, Big Ben! The Palace of Westminster (House of Parliament) are right next to Big Ben, so they’re easy to see together.

If you admire the clock tower up close you’ll see the Victorian Gothic architecture! However, the best photos of Big Ben are from further away.

Walk over the River Thames via Westminster Bridge to get the best views of the impressive clock. You can also see the London Eye from here! Once on the other side if you turn right towards the National Covid Memorial Wall, you can capture beautiful photos of you in front of the houses of Parliament! Sometimes this spot gets very busy with que’s.

A photo of Big Ben in London
Big Ben
London Eye at dusk
London Eye

You can also catch a city sightseeing bus around London, taking you to the iconic spots! Find tickets online here.

See the London Eye

I’ve been on the London Eye once as a child and the views of London are impressive! Sadly it’s a little expensive to take a ride on the wheel and you usually have to book tickets in advance for the London eye. Although it’s a cool experience if this is on your London bucket list.

The Eye opens at 10 / 11 am, which perfectly aligns with this 4 day London itinerary. Sunset is a beautiful time to visit if you can time it up well.

Feel artsy in Leake Street

Walk behind the London Eye and you’ll come across Leake Street! A funky graffiti alley hidden under Waterloo train station. Every time we’ve visited, there have been artists creating new street art, and you have to prepare yourself for the strong smell of spray paint! The art is lovely though and it’s everywhere!

We also recommend Draughts if you want to do something cosy in London. It’s a board game cafe in the heart of Leake Street! You pay to enter and you can play unlimited board games! They even have vegan nachos – which are amazing.

Graffiti in Leake Street
Leake Street Graffiti Alley

Spending more time in the UK? Take the train to Edinburgh from London!

Go on a Southbank Walk

Anyway, now that you’re on the Southern side of the Thames, you can take a scenic stroll along the water to soak up the London lifestyle.

Explore Covent Garden

Once you’ve finished walking along the Thames, cross the Waterloo Bridge to get to Covent Garden! Wander around the markets if they’re still open and watch the crazy street performers.

Covent Garden is such a lively area in London and it’s right on the edge of the theatres. There’s multiple markets to explore selling artisanal products, designer shops and many cafes in the area.

There’s so many great places to eat around Covent Garden, here’s a few we can recommend: Mildreds, Sagar, Dishoom, Rosa’s Thai and Seven Dials Market for multiple options!

That’s the end of your first day in London and you’re not time-restricted, so it’s okay if you arrive in London in the late morning. Get some rest at your accommodation of choice and prepare for the second day of your London itinerary.

Covent Garden at Christmas with decorations and glowing lights
Covent Garden at Christmas – spending 4 days in London

💤 Hotels – Book the Royal Park Hotel!
🛌 Hostels – Book the Wombat’s City Hostel London!

Day 2 – Museums, Notting Hill, Hyde Park & Soho

Start your day bright and early in London to make sure you have breakfast before visiting your first spot of the day.

Visit the Natural History Museum

A visit to the Natural History Museum is a must when spending 4 days in London! Even if you’re not into museums, the Natural History Museum is worth a visit for 1 or 2 hours. The building is incredible and packed with history. Like most museums in London, it’s free to enter!

If we’re honest, the best part of the museum is the dinosaur section. There’s a huge animatronic t-rex that feels weirdly life-like! Although the welcoming hall with the blue whale skeleton is incredible!

The best way to get to the Natural History Museum is to take the tube to South Kensington. The area is lovely to browse around if you have time after your museum visit.

A Diplodocus at the Natural History Museum
Dippy at the Natural History Museum

Admire Kensington Palace

Head up towards Hyde Park to visit Kensington Palace on your way to Notting Hill. The walk takes about 20 minutes and you can buy tickets in advance to visit inside.

Kensington Palace is a historic royal residence originally built in the early 17th century. It is still the official residence for members of the royal family (although not all) and even some regular folk live there too!

The gardens surrounding Kensington Palace are beautiful in all seasons and are worth visiting if you’re close by.

Wander through Notting Hill

After Kensington Palace, make your way over to Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market! We’ve visited Notting Hill many times before and we have still never seen the film.

Notting Hill is London’s colourful gem with vibrant houses and trendy cafes. If you want to see the most colourful houses in the neighbourhood, spend some time getting lost in the streets! St Lukes Mews and Colville Terrace are a good place to start.

The Notting Hill colourful houses
The Notting Hill colourful houses
Two meals at Portobello's Health Food
Portobello’s Health Food

Eat at Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market is in the heart of Notting Hill but deserves its own spot on this 4 day London itinerary! Take some time to wander around the markets looking at all the antique gems and vintage clothing!

It’s also a great place to find some food! We recommend checking out Portobello’s Health Food, Happy Donuts Portobello, Benji’s Buns or Buns From Home.

Walk in Hyde Park

Head back towards Hyde Park through Kensington Gardens and enjoy being in nature! If it’s a nice day, take a boat on the Serpentine Lake. Hyde Park is beautiful to explore in all seasons! Our favourite time of year is Autumn when the leaves turn orange and squirrels find their food!

It’s also fun to grab a bike and cycle through the park! Find a Santander Bike to rent and lock it up at any of the free stations. Be sure to check the pathways for cycle lanes!

Hyde Park is also home to Winter Wonderland from late November to January! There’s a fee to enter and you have to book online, but it’s very Christmassy if you love markets!

Hyde Park in the Autumn during a London 4 day itinerary
Hyde Park in the Autumn during a London 4 day itinerary

Before moving to London, we used to visit London at least once a year on a day trip from Bristol and always visited Hyde Park!

Dinner in Soho

Walk over to the Soho area for the evening and grab some food before watching a West End Show! There are many places to eat around Soho and Covent Garden for a pre-theatre experience. We highly recommend Sagar if you’re into South Indian food. The masala dosas are our favourite! Mildreds is also a lovely experience, we’ve included a photo below!

Soho at night is completely different to the daytime. There’s cosy pubs, high-energy clubs and a huge pre-theatre atmosphere. There’s also a few rooftop bars in London to enjoy such as Willows On The Roof.

The mouse trap theatre display in Soho
Soho at night
a photo of a delicious vegan curry at Mildreds in London
Mildreds in London

See a West End Show

A visit to London’s West End is an experience to remember! From world-class theatre productions to indie shows, you’ll find something interesting to watch. Here’s a few of our recommendations:

  • Back to the Future: The Musical (this is the one we saw!)
  • The Lion King
  • Les Misérables
  • Wicked
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Stranger Things: The First Shadow
Back to the Future Musical in London
Back to the Future Musical in London

After another busy day on your 4 day London itinerary, it’s time to rest up and prepare for day 3!

Day 3 – Tower Bridge, Markets, Views & Shoreditch

On day 3 of your 4 days in London, you’ll check out East London and one of the most famous markets in the city! Start your day with breakfast from your hotel or grab a pastry from a bakery. We recommend Blank Coffee (if you’re in Brixton), Pret and Gails. You can even try a full English breakfast if it’s your first time in the UK!

Visit Tower of London

After fuelling up for the day, start your morning with a visit to the Tower of London. Book your tickets in advance to make sure you have a spot! Spend a couple of hours exploring the historic fortress and check out the Crown Jewels. Find tickets online here!

Even if you don’t want to pay to go inside the grounds, you can walk around the area and admire the medieval castle.

Admire the Tower Bridge

From the Tower of London, you can easily walk to the Tower Bridge. In fact, you would have already seen it from the Tower of London! Take a lovely stroll across the Tower Bridge and embrace one of the best things to see in London.

The Tower Bridge was created tall and mighty to let ships pass through the bridge whilst also acting as a crossing for vehicles and pedestrians. If you’re lucky you might see it in action! There’s also a not-so-secret walkway with glass floors to watch the river from above! Although there is a fee to enter (buy tickets here) and there are often queues these days.

Also, check out the Thames Historical Wharf Bridges!

Seeing the Tower Bridge on a four day London itinerary
Seeing the Tower Bridge on a four day London itinerary

You can also take a boat cruise on the River Thames and see all the icons from the water! Book your tickets here!

Grab lunch in Borough Market

Walk over the bridge and head west to reach Borough Market – one of the most famous food markets in London! We’ve visited Borough Market multiple times whilst living in London (and even many trips before) and there’s always a new snack to find!

Borough Market is one of the oldest markets in the city with high-quality produce and artisanal goods. Some items are a little more expensive than supermarkets but we love visiting for the lunch options!

As we’re vegan, we love hunting for the best vegan food in Borough Market and there are so many options! Here’s our favourite places in the market:

  • Horn OKIndian Dosas
  • Humble CrumbleBritish Crumble (we’ve included this in our Vegan Bakeries in London list)
  • Mallow – a High-Quality Vegan Restaurant
  • After School Cookie ClubCookies!
  • The Cinnamon Tree BakeryBakery Stall
A photo of the exterior of Horn OK Please at Borough Market, London
Horn OK Please – amazing dosas
A photo of the food at Horn OK Please at Borough Market, London
Masala Dosa at Horn OK Please

If you fancy taking a detour on the way to your next destination, check out the Millennium Bridge and St Paul Cathedral. There’s just too much to do in London in 4 days, we couldn’t fit these into the full itinerary.

Explore Maltby Street Market

A 20-minute walk away from Borough Market is Maltby Street Market – another food market in London, but a lot smaller. There’s a few more stalls over here if you’re a foodie! Our favourite is Kegarmo, a fully vegan bakery serving a full variety of cakes, brownies and sometimes pastries!

Maltby Street Market in London
Maltby Street Market in London

Check out our London Travel Tips to plan your trip!

See the views from Sky Garden

Head north over the bridge and look out for the Sky Garden! You can also find Monument and St Dunstan in the East Church Garden in this area if you have time to spare.

The Sky Garden (or another viewpoint in London) should be on your 4 day London itinerary! The 360 views are incredible and the viewpoint is inside, so it’s perfect for any weather. We never got bored of the views from up here.

Although the tickets for the Sky Garden are free, they get booked up really fast, especially on the weekends. Check for free Sky Garden tickets online – you can book up to 4 weeks in advance.

The views of Sky Garden when spending 4 days in London
The views of Sky Garden – 4 days in London

More Rooftop Viewpoints in London

If you didn’t book tickets in advance for Sky Garden, try your luck with these rooftop viewpoints.

  • One New Change’s Rooftop Terrace
  • Horizon 22
  • The Garden at 120
  • Tate Modern

Wander through Leadenhall Market

On your way to Shoreditch pass by Leadenhall Market for a Harry Potter-inspired historical visit! Leadenhall Market is a Victorian marketplace with a few restaurants and shops inside. Walk along the cobbled stones and admire the architecture whilst window shopping. Leadenhall Market was also a filming location for the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter!

Are you a Harry Potter Fan? Join a Harry Potter walking tour in London!

Explore Shoreditch

Make your way to Spitalfields and Shoreditch to enjoy the artsy feel of East London. Shoreditch is one of our favourite neighbourhoods in London. There’s always a cool vibe in the area with vintage shops, hipster cafes and an incredible amount of good vegan food.

For dinner, we recommend Tofu Vegan or Club Mexicana! You can’t go wrong with either!

There’s funky street art on every corner and always something going on, it’s an awesome atmosphere to be around. You can also join a Jack the Ripper Tour to learn more about the British serial killer.

Here’s a few places to visit in Shoreditch:

  • Street Art Tour – take a tour to admire the best murals in Shoreditch
  • Truman Brewery – a place for exhibitions and events
  • Brick Lane – a colourful street with vintage clothes and Indian restaurants
  • Old Spitalfields Market – amazing food stalls & shops
  • Columbia Road Flower Market – only on Sundays

Shoreditch also has a booming nightlife to enjoy your evening or many cool places to check out such as Junkyard Golf Club and a VR Games Experience!

Beigel Bake in Brick Lane, the exterior with loads of people
Eateries in Shoreditch
Brick Lane, London
Brick Lane, London

💤 Hotels – Book the Royal Park Hotel!
🛌 Hostels – Book the Wombat’s City Hostel London!

Day 4 – The British Museum, China Town, & The Best Views of London

On your last day in London, you may be feeling pretty tired. There’s so much to do in this big city! But, if you’re up for it, we have planned out the last day of your 4 days in London, so get ready for another adventure!

Discover the British Museum

Similar to day 2 of this London itinerary, start your morning off with a visit to one of London’s free museums! The British Museum is full of artefacts from all over the world. Sometimes we feel like some of these artefacts shouldn’t belong in London, but at least they do a good job of keeping it safe. If you love history, consider taking a guided tour!

The British Museum
The British Museum

Walk around Trafalgar Square

From the British Museum head south through Covent Garden to reach Trafalgar Square. A name you might have heard of before reading this 4 day London itinerary. You’ll notice Nelson’s Column monument standing tall with impressive fountains on either side.

The National Gallery is directly opposite where a lot of events happen in London. We stumbled across an event once where famous people were being photographed!

Explore Leicester Square

Head to Leicester Square to see a different side of London! This is the most touristy place with souvenir shops and street performers everywhere! It’s home to the major cinemas where red carpet events happen, M&M World, a lego shop and it’s also on the edge of Chinatown.

This is the perfect time to have lunch, so take a visit to either Seven Dials (a variety of cuisines) or make your way to Chinatown for a feast!

In Seven Dials we recommend Yum Bun and Chai Guys!

Get lost in China Town

Even though it’s touristy, a visit to Chinatown is worth it during your 4 days in London. Walk through the iconic Chinatown Gates, browse in the Chinese shops and fill up on China-inspired snacks! There are plenty of Chinese restaurants to choose from including Hong Kong-style bakeries. It’s also a great spot for bubble tea and other Asian cuisines! We get our noodles from Loon Fung Chinatown!

Chinatown in London, UK
Chinatown in London, UK
Chinatown Gate in London
Chinatown Gate

Visit the chaotic Oxford Street

We would usually say to avoid Oxford Street, especially if you’re not into shopping. But, it’s made it on our 4 day London itinerary as one of the places you have to experience at least once. We’ve walked through the busy and chaotic streets so many times whilst living in London and it’s mainly big chain shops like SportsDirect, Zara and H&M.

Just off Oxford Street is our favourite bubble tea place, Nuttea! It’s ironically not in Chinatown, but tastes so authentic as they have a Nuttea in Taipei too!

Christmas is one of the best times to visit Oxford and Carnaby Street to see the lights. They’re both worth looking at and great if you love to shop!

Find viewpoints in London

End your day in a Park of your choice from Greenwich Park, Regents Park or Primrose Hill. We’ve chosen to finish your London 4 day itinerary on whichever area you’d like to visit and how much time you have left in the day.

Greenwich Park is amazing to visit but it’s a little out of the way if you’re not staying in East London. Greenwich itself has plenty to do with tasty restaurants, another market and antique shops. The park offers views of the London skyline and it’s absolutely beautiful in cherry blossom season.

Regents Park is very central and a walk around the boating lake is a lovely way to end your 4 days in London! Primrose Hill is a beautiful place to watch the sunset view of the London skyline! We’ve only visited on a cold wintery day, but we’ve been told that sunsets here in the summer are perfect!

Visit Greenwich during your 4 days in London
Visit Greenwich during your 4 days in London

Alternative Things to do in London in 4 days

There’s simply too many things to do in London, especially in four days. Here’s a few alternative ideas for you:

  • Battersea Park – our favourite park in London!
  • Camden Market – explore Camden town and eat your heart out in the market.
  • National Gallery – admire masterpieces from artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci.
  • Victoria Park in Hackney – another lovely park in East London.
  • Visit Harrods & Chelsea – start to feel fancy with a visit to the expensive neighbourhoods!
  • Kew Gardens – take a visit outside of the city and into nature.
  • Richmond Park – spot wild deer and cycle around the big nature-filled park!
  • Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern – watch a show and admire art.
  • Little Venice and Regent’s Canal – walk along the canal admiring the long canal boats.

4 Day London Itinerary Overview

Day 1 – Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Park, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Southbank Walk, London Eye, Leake Street & Covent Garden

Day 2 – Natural History Museum, Kensington Palace, Notting Hill, Portobello Road Market, Hyde Park, Dinner at Soho, West End Show

Day 3 – Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Lunch in Borough Market, Maltby Street Market, Sky Garden, Leadenhall Market & Shoreditch

Day 4 – British Museum, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, China Town, Oxford Street, End your day in a Park of your choice Greenwich Park, Regents Park or Primrose Hill

Southbank in London
Southbank in London

Where to stay in London

We recommend staying in Southbank if it’s your first time in London. It’s central, walkable to some of the city’s highlights and well-connected to transport. Areas such as Soho and Covent Garden are also great central places to stay although the prices are higher in this area. We usually find accommodation deals in the Paddington area, just above Hyde Park.

If you’re on a budget in London, there’s a few great hostels to check out during your 4-day London itinerary.

Hostels in London

Hotels in London

Where to eat in London

London is home to some of our favourite restaurants in the world. It’s a vegan paradise and we’re so lucky to have all of these incredible options. Here’s a short list of our favourite places to eat in London (there’s too many to choose):


  • Club Mexicana
  • Tofu Vegan
  • Purezza
  • Neat Burger

Best Snacks:

  • Ben’s Cookies
  • Happy Donuts
  • Third Culture
  • Kegarmo

Cafes / Drinks:

  • British Patagonia
  • Blank
  • Nuttea
  • Chai Guys
Vegan bakery called Kegarmo in London
Kegarmo, London
Matcha with cream from Nuttea in London
Nuttea in London

How to get around London

London is an easy city to get around – it can just take some time to travel through the city. We love walking around London, it’s the best way to find hidden gems and little shops. However, the city is huge! So we do have to get transport most of the time. Here’s a few ways how to get around London:

London Underground (Tube) – The fastest way to get around, fares are £2.80 or £3.40 during peak hours (Monday to Friday between 6:30 am to 9:30 am). Some lines don’t have a signal for the internet, so make sure you have your Google Maps up before heading underground.

You can pay contactless or purchase an Oyster Card for £7 which you can top up for convenience (it will only save you money if you link it to your Railcard). Use the same card to pay for your day of travel as it caps at around £8.10 if you stay in Zone 1 & 2. The Overground & DLR are similar to the tube!

Buses – The buses in London cover almost everywhere in the city and they’re cheaper than the tube at £1.75 and you can transfer to another bus as part of the same ticket.

Trains – London has many train stations connecting to destinations outside of central or elsewhere in the UK. They’re generally more expensive than tubes. Major train stations include Paddington, King’s Cross, and Victoria.

Rent a bike – Santander Bikes and E-Scooters are all over the city. Connect your card to an app and simply rent one to explore the city. Be careful of the busy traffic and monitor your time as they can get quite expensive!

Taxi’s / Uber / Lyft – Download an app to call a ride-sharing service or hail down a taxi on the street. These are another expensive way to travel, it may be better to use public transport if you have the time and capability.

Photo of a tube in the London Underground
London Underground (Tube)
Santander Bikes in London
Santander Bikes in London

How to get to London

How to get to London City Centre from the Main Airports

  • Heathrow Airport (LHR): One of the major international airports, Heathrow is well-connected to central London by the Heathrow Express train and the tube. You can buy tickets at the station!
  • Gatwick Airport (LGW): Gatwick is accessible via the Gatwick Express train, Southern or Thameslink trains, or National Express coaches. The trains will take you to Victoria and then you can catch a tube or bus to your accommodation.
  • Stansted Airport (STN): The Stansted Express train is the best way to get to the city centre from the airport. It will drop you off at Liverpool Street Station, where you can find further transport.
  • Luton Airport (LTN): Thameslink trains and National Express coaches connect Luton Airport to central London.

How to get to London City Centre by Train:

  • Eurostar: If you’re coming from Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam by Eurostar, you’ll arrive at St Pancras International! Head to Kings Cross to find further transport to your accommodation!
  • National Rail: Major train stations include King’s Cross, Euston, Paddington, Liverpool Street, and Victoria. These are all very central and great ways to enter the city! Book Trains in advance here!

How to get to London City Centre by Bus:

  • National Express and Megabus are affordable ways of visiting London from destinations in the UK and nearby countries in Europe. They will take you to Victoria where you can walk into central London or get the tube to anywhere else!

How to get to London City Centre by Car:

  • London has a Congestion Charge when travelling by car. Parking can be expensive but there are options around the city. It’s best to park outside the city and catch a train or tube into central.

Take a day trip to Cambridge or spend the day in York from London! We also love visiting Brighton from London as it’s so close!

Pink umbrellas at Camden Market in London
Visit Camden Market if you have time during your 4 days in London

Best Time to Visit London

The best time to visit London is between March to May and September to October when it’s the shoulder season and the weather is likely to be mild!

Although the summertime (June to August) is a lovely time to be in London, it is usually the busiest and most expensive time to visit. Accommodation prices are at their highest and when there’s a heat wave, it’s super hot, even inside. Most places in the UK aren’t built for hot weather!

The Christmas season is an amazing time to visit London as the whole city is dazzled with lights and you can visit the many Christmas markets. It’s usually very busy the week of Christmas with many shoppers from around the UK and it may be best to visit early to mid-December!

No matter what time of year you visit London, remember that the weather is unpredictable and it’s best to bring an umbrella or raincoat with you at all times.

Amy holding a orange leaf in Autumn at Hyde Park in London
Autumn in London – Hyde Park
Soho at night
Soho at night

There are many interesting events in London, here’s a few you might be interested in:

  • London Marathon – Various
  • London Pride – June 2024
  • Wimbledon Tennis – July 2024
  • Notting Hill Carnival – August 2024
  • BFI London Film Festival – October 2024
  • New Year’s Day – December 2024

What to do in London at Night

London isn’t a sleepy city – there are so many things to do in London when day turns to night. Most restaurants are open late, there’s plenty of pubs to enjoy and even some museums are open until the evening. Here’s a few of our suggestions for what to do in London at night:

That’s the end of our 4 day London itinerary! Enjoy your well-planned trip to the incredible capital city and have the best time exploring the sights. Browse our other London guides for more info to plan your trip!


4 days in London Pinterest Guide.
Four photos displaying London and the best things to do in London
4 days in London Pinterest Guide.
A photo of the guard at Buckingham Palace

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