The Best Mostar Itinerary: 2 Days in Mostar (2024)

If you’re planning a 2 day Mostar itinerary, you’re in the right place! This is our in-depth travel guide on how to spend 2 days in Mostar exploring the old medieval city, admiring the beautiful turquoise river and learning about Mostar’s dark history.

We’ll show you the best things to do in Mostar, how to get around, where to stay and our favourite restaurants during our 2 days in Mostar.

Mostar is a charming little city in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina nestled within the Balkans. It’s becoming more popular each year due to Mostar’s iconic old bridge (Stari Most) and the lovely cobbled old town.

Although Mostar is the most famous place to visit in the country, it’s only the 5th largest city and Sarajevo is the capital. It’s also the perfect day trip from Dubrovnik or Split!

We spent 2 days in Mostar, creating the best Mostar itinerary to share with you and we would love to visit again in the future. There’s honestly too much to learn about the city, but it’s best to start with the Bosnian War which was only 30 years ago! We’ll include some history throughout this 2 day Mostar itinerary!

Alongside exploring the city, Mostar is the perfect base to discover nearby cities and waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So this Mostar itinerary is great if you have one or two days in Mostar.

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The Best Mostar Itinerary: 2 Days in Mostar (2024)

Planning a Mostar Itinerary

  • Currency – Bosnian Mark & sometimes Euro (compare the currency here)
  • Cuisine – Bosnian & Balkan Cusine
  • Sim Cards – Buy an E-Sim online for $4.50 (1GB) for 7 days – here’s the link!
  • Apps – Google Maps &
  • Power Voltage in Bosnia & Herzegovina – Plugs C & F (230 V)

Money & ATMs in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The main currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Marka, also known as BAM or KM.

Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Marka is almost double the euro, which makes it easy to work out how much things cost. Euro’s are also accepted at most places throughout the country. We actually didn’t have to use the local currency at all during our 2 days in Mostar.

We used cent coins for toilets, notes in shops and our Starling card for some restaurants. We do recommend getting out the local currency though but make sure you spend it as you might not be able to exchange it anywhere else.

There are many ATMs to use all over the city, however, some of them may charge for foreign cards. As we never needed to use one, we’re not sure which one is the best. However, Ziraat Bank is a good place to start!

Where to stay in Mostar

The best area to stay in Mostar is in the Old Town. There are so many places to stay within walking distance of the famous bridge. We absolutely loved the place we stayed and would recommend it to anyone!

Mostar Hotel, Hostels & Guesthouses

Hostel Nina $ – We stayed here for 2 days in Mostar and loved it! They have a mix of rooms from dorms to private and family rooms. It’s in the perfect location and there’s a social area if you want to meet other travellers! There’s also parking and breakfast for a fee. – Find on here!

Villa Amaleo $$ – The rooms here have balconies with riverside views and it’s also within walking distance to the Old Town – Find on here!

Luxury Studio Yasmine $-$$ – Just north of the Old Town you’ll find Yasmine Studios with private rooms so you can feel at home – Find on here!

Where to stay in Mostar: Hostel Nina
Where to stay in Mostar: Hostel Nina

How to get around Mostar

The best way to get around Mostar is by walking! The city is very small and you can find affordable accommodation very close to the Old Town. There are also taxis and buses if you need them!

In this 2 day Mostar itinerary, we do include a day trip that involves renting a car or joining a tour. So if you’re a backpacker that isn’t renting a car, you don’t have to worry!

As we travelled from Kotor, we were already renting a car from Montenegro, so we’ll mention a few ways to travel by car and alternative options! (Browse car rental prices on Discover Cars here)

Day 1 – Explore Mostar Old Town & Surrounding Area

Now we’ll move on to showing you this 2 day Mostar itinerary with the best things to do in Mostar Old Town and beyond! This Mostar itinerary has been tried and tested by us and we learnt so much about the small city.

These days can be switched around if the weather is different or if you’re driving to Mostar from Kotor or Dubrovnik.

Arrive & Walk around the Old Town

Once you arrive in Mostar, head to your accommodation and drop your bags off or check-in. As the city is small, it’s likely your accommodation is within walking distance of the Old Town and this is one of the best places to visit in Mostar!

The Old Town in Mostar is such a mesmerizing part of the city to explore – with classic cobble-stoned streets, tourist shops selling almost anything and ice cream parlours around every corner. When the locals are out, you can see them enjoying coffee, beer or baklava.

Mostar has preserved most of its original charm from when it first developed during the 15th-16th century. It’s been beautifully added to over the years and still remains charming even after most of the city was destroyed during the war (we’ll talk about this later).

Exploring Mostar in 2 days
Exploring Mostar in 2 days
Exploring Old Town during a 2 day Mostar itinerary
Exploring Old Town during a 2 day Mostar itinerary

When walking around the cobbled streets we definitely felt a Turkish presence and discovered that there are a lot of traditional Turkish houses in the city. It’s a huge part of Mostar’s culture and they’ve now been turned into museums or shops. There’s still a lot of Ottoman Architecture which is very common to see throughout the Balkans and it’s why the city has a slight Istanbul feel (to us anyway!).

There’s also an Ottoman Bazaar which can’t be missed when wandering around. The bazaar sells anything from clothes to souvenirs and handmade products. There are also beautiful riverside cafes and delightful coffee shops serving local delicacies.

The Old Town is split into two parts with the Neretva River in between, so now we’ll show you the most popular monument to see in Mostar.

Admire the Old Bridge in Mostar (Stari Most)

In the heart of the Old Town is the famous stone arch bridge of Mostar. Mostar was actually named after the bridge keepers that guarded the bridge during the Ottoman era.

It’s honestly hard to miss the iconic bridge as it’s the monument that divides the Old Town and you’ll find yourself walking over it many times!

It’s also known as the Stari Most Bridge and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Old Bridge was originally built during the 15th century but was destroyed during the Bosnian War and rebuilt in 2001 keeping its Ottoman architecture.

Our favourite places to view the bridge are from Lučki most and from the viewpoint just up the street – Mostar Bridge Viewpoint!

The famous bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The famous bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Discover the Culture and History of Mostar

During our 2 day Mostar itinerary, we learnt a lot and we wanted to learn. Travelling is an amazing education platform with museums within every city, including Mostar. We tried our best to soak up the dark history of Mostar, so we want to share some with you.

The Bosnian War occurred due to the break up of Yugoslavia, and when Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence. This led to tensions between its ethnic groups Bosniaks (Muslims), Croats (Catholics) and Serbs (Orthodox).

The Bosniaks and Croats wanted the country to be multi-ethnic whilst the Bosnian Serbs wanted to create their own separate state. The War involved mass killings of Muslims and more than 90% of the city being destroyed. There are some main areas throughout the city where the eerie history is hard to forget and there are still bullet holes and wrecked buildings in Mostar.

The war started in April 1992 and ended in December 1995 and no one really ‘won’ the war, they all just agreed to live divided in the same country. The Old Bridge actually divided the Muslims and Christians apart.

If you want to learn more about the history of Mostar, spend some time in the Museum Of War And Genocide Victims during your 2 days in Mostar.

Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque
Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque
The abandoned 'Sniper Tower' in Mostar
The abandoned ‘Sniper Tower’ in Mostar

See the view from Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

Throughout the day you’ll hear the many call to prayers from the various mosques around the city. Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Mostar and it dates back to the 17th century.

It’s also possible to climb to the top of the minaret through a small narrow staircase which is the first time we’ve come across this. It does cost 14 KM to enter and this may apply to praying also.

Find the ‘Sniper Tower’

Another important monument to find in Mostar is the gloomy Sniper Tower which is a tall abandoned bank in the newer area of Mostar. Sadly this building was used by Croatian Snipers during the war and you can see bullet holes surrounding the area.

It feels eerie to walk around the area and people even go inside to explore, although you’re not technically allowed.

Spot the Gimnazija Mostar (School)

A very unique building to come across is the Mostar Secondary School which is Austro-Hungarian architecture. It’s the only school in Mostar to mix religions as most of the city and country are very divided.

Visit the Dervish House in Blagaj

After exploring the beautiful Old Town of Mostar, spend the afternoon visiting Blagaj which is a short drive out of the city. There are buses that run from Mostar to Blagaj, but we used our rental car to get there and paid €2 for parking.

The Dervish House is a lovely monastery on the side of a water cave. The best views are from across the other side of the river and there are multiple bridges across the river. The Dervish House

There’s a small entry fee (€5) to go inside the monastery with a little viewing platform next to the water. When we visited, the water was so high due to all the rain, but in the summer months, a little boat will take you straight into the cave to look around!

Dervish House in Blagaj
Dervish House in Blagaj
Dervish House in Blagaj
The Dervish House

The area is full of riverside restaurants and little markets but the views of the river and the Dervish House steal the show.

There’s also a fortress on the hill in Blagaj (Kula hercega Stjepana Vukcica Kosace) if you fancy some hiking! You can also drive up there.

Have dinner in the Old Town

End the first day of your 2 day Mostar itinerary by having dinner back in the Old Town. We highly recommend Food House Mostar (location) for some traditional food! You’ll notice how peaceful the Old Town is in the evening without the day trip tourists.

2 day Mostar itinerary in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Day 2 – Take a Day Trip to Medieval Towns & Waterfalls

We’ve put together the perfect itinerary from Mostar to explore the beautiful areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you do have 2 days in Mostar, this is an amazing way to spend your second day. Hostel Nina and various other guesthouses in the city offer tours to most of these places, so you won’t miss out if you don’t have your own car.

Explore Počitelj

The first destination on your second day is a visit to Počitelj – a wonderful medieval town only 30 minutes away from Mostar. There’s free parking if you are renting a car which was empty when we visited, but it can get busy!

Počitelj is an open-air museum right on the Nevreta River and it’s a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You’ll notice the small town is spread out over a hill and a short but slightly steep walk up the cobblestone steps will take you straight to the top of the fortress. You’ll be blown away by the views!

A few things to see in Počitelj are:

  • The Gavrankapetanovic House – the largest residential house
  • Hadzi-Alija Mosque – the interior is beautiful!
  • Gavrankapetan’s Tower – climb inside the tower and peep through the small windows!
Admiring the views in Počitelj
Admiring the views in Počitelj
Exploring Počitelj during a Mostar itinerary
Exploring Počitelj during a Mostar itinerary

Sadly the town was abandoned during the Bosnian War and only a few families returned, but the government are finding ways to bring more life back to this charming town.

There are a few markets and many restaurants in Počitelj if you find yourself here close to wanting lunch!

Admire Kravica Waterfall

The next stop on this 2 day Mostar itinerary is Kravica Waterfalls! A short drive away from Počitelj is a natural wonder in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will cost 20 KM to enter (€10) which is kind of pricey, but it’s worth visiting if you’re in the area.

The falls are incredible and the water is usually a beautiful turquoise colour, there’s a beach and some water activities to do. We visited after a long period of rain and the falls were crazy! It also meant that the beach area and restaurant were flooded, so we couldn’t fully experience Kravica Falls, but we still recommend it!

If it’s a sunny day, you can spend most of the afternoon here swimming in the water before heading back to Mostar for the evening.

Kravica Waterfall after lots of rain
Kravica Waterfall after lots of rain

See the views from Hum Mountain

Another one of the best things to do in Mostar is visit Hum Mountain. We only came across this viewpoint as we were curious about the large cross staring at us from the Old Town.

After a bit of research, we learned that this hill was also used as a killing point during the Bosnian War and it’s not great that a cross was placed where such a tragedy happened. However, it was built here in 2002 on the highest point to celebrate 2,000 years of Christianity.

We drove up a windy road to reach the top and admire the views, but it’s also a 1 hour hike from Mostar. It’s known as a local romantic spot, especially in the evening!

The Millennium Cross at Hum Mountain
The Millennium Cross at Hum Mountain
The views at Hum Hill on a Mostar itinerary
The views at Hum Hill on a Mostar itinerary

Wander around the Old Town at night

After an amazing 2 days in Mostar, walk around the Old Town one last time to soak up the beauty and culture of the quiet streets. We went back to our favourite spot in Mostar to view the iconic bridge and at night it lights up!

Honestly, Mostar feels so different in the evening than it does at night, so it’s worth having a look before you leave!

The impressive Old Bridge in Mostar at night
The impressive Old Bridge in Mostar at night

We can’t wait to explore more of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the future and would definitely pass by Mostar if it’s on our route. This 2 day Mostar itinerary was so lovely to plan!

Alternative ideas for a Mostar itinerary

Although we covered the main highlights of Mostar, there are a few things to do in the city that we haven’t mentioned.

  • Mostar Free Walking Tour
  • More ideas coming soon!

Best Restaurants in Mostar

Mostar isn’t short of delicious restaurants to try and we fell in love with a few traditional dishes such as İmam bayıldı from the Ottoman cuisine. There’s great food and Turkish-style restaurants throughout most of the cobbled Old Town and even more options throughout the city. Here are a few places we recommend:

  • Food House Mostar $ – Our favourite spot for traditional food! (location)
  • Caffe Lasta $ – A great place for ice cream and Turkish baklava! (location)
  • Tecó $ – Serving the tastiest vegan food, just outside of Old Town! (location)

Cafe de Alma is the most popular place to visit for traditional Bosnian coffee, but sadly we aren’t coffee drinkers!

Imam bayildi at Food House Mostar
Imam bayildi at Food House Mostar

Although restaurants in Mostar are pretty affordable, there’s still the option of buying food at grocery stores and cooking in your hostel. We stayed in Hostel Nina and whipped up lunch here – they also offer breakfast!

How to get to Mostar

Bus – If you’re travelling around the Balkans without a car, the bus is the best option for you! It takes 2.5 hours from Sarajevo and 6 hours from Kotor or Budva. There are two bus stations in Mostar just outside of the Old Town. Check prices and times on 12.Go here!

Car – A car was pretty handy to have in Mostar as we explored outside of the city. We hired a rental car in Podgorica and made sure we stayed somewhere that had free parking in Mostar. Find prices for a car rental here!

Flying – Mostar is home to Mostar (OMO) Airport, however, they don’t have the best prices for flights. It may be best to fly into Sarajevo or Dubrovnik and then catch a bus or rent a car to begin your 2 day Mostar itinerary.

How many days should I spend in Mostar?

We recommend spending at least 2 days in Mostar and using it as a base to explore more of the beautiful country. The Old Town can be explored in less than a day but it’s definitely worth seeing more of Bosnia and Herzegovina whilst you’re there.

Most people visit Mostar as a day trip, which is completely possible to do, we’re just recommending spending more time and experiencing the city a little more. There’s so much history to understand, it blew our minds at first.

Another picture from the Dervish House in Mostar
Another picture from the Dervish House in Mostar
2 days in Mostar Old Town
2 days in Mostar Old Town

Best time to visit Mostar

The best time to visit Mostar is between May to June and September to October to get a better chance of lovely weather and fewer crowds. Mostar generally doesn’t get a lot of tourists but as the small Old Town is the main attraction, it can get very crowded.

It’s still possible to visit Mostar all year round and in the wintertime, you might see snow – which is a whole other type of experience! We visited in May and it rained for the first day of our Mostar itinerary, but it’s mostly sunny during this time of year.

What to do in Mostar at night

Mostar is a popular place to visit, but, most of the tourists only spend the day in the city. This means that the evenings are peaceful and the best time to grab food at a local restaurant.

We’ve already mentioned that we loved dining at Food House Mostar so we ate there twice!

When the evening turns to night, Mostar has some nightlife to enjoy. Here’s a few things to do at night in Mostar: Enjoy a beer at Shankly’s Pub just outside the Old Town, it’s Mostar’s favourite pub and a great place to spend the night! There’s also the Golden Cube nightclub if you want to dance the night away!

What to pack for 2 days in Mostar

Is Mostar worth visiting?

Yes – Mostar is worth adding to your European bucket list! It’s also the perfect introduction to Bosnia and Herzegovina if it’s your first time visiting the country.

Mostar has one of prettiest old towns full of cobbled streets, rich history and lots of markets. It’s worth visiting Mostar to see the impressive bridge and turquoise river. Mostar is a perfect day trip from Dubrovnik or other places in Croatia and the scenery around the area is breathtaking!

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Visiting more places in the Balkans?

That’s the end of our The Best Mostar Itinerary: 2 Days in Mostar (2024)! Enjoy your 2 days in Mostar and if you need any more help planning – send us a message on Instagram (@thesunrisedreamers) or leave a comment below!


2 day itinerary for Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of four pictures showing how to plan the ultimate travel guide to Mostar.
2 day itinerary for Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of four pictures showing how to plan the ultimate travel guide to Mostar.

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